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We are a spiritual organization committed to help people enhance their life’s experience. We do this by taking a scientific approach towards Vedic Astrology along with the Ayurveda (Medical Astrology) Numerology and Vastu solutions. Here numerology plays a vital role in combination with astrology and vastu to pin point the problems and to provide solutions.

Horary Astrology (Prashna Kundli): Even if a person does not has accurate birth details, we still can produce accurate predictions by using Vedic Horary Astrology techniques (Prashna Kundli) along with the numerology techniques.
Vastu Remedies: We have scientific methods to deal with various vastu problems. We use various instruments to analyse magnetic fields, radiations from earth or mobile or other electronic equipments, any kind of spiritual entities or ghosts in house or any kind of other vastu problems. Along with the vedic vastu techniques again numerology gives us an edge to understand the compatibility of property for different members of the family.
Medical Astrology: Shri Ram Krishna Sharma a renowned Numerologist, a wonderful astrologer and an Ayurvedic vaidya (Medical astrology expert). Sir has more then 35 years of experience with him. His excellence has been proved by many of his disciples. Read more….

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Effects of Sadi Sati in Daily Life

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Varun Dameer
Wonderful astrologer. Thanks alot.
Rajesh Says
Such a great astrologer. All his predictions are very accurate and lots of things improved in my life after taking his consultancy. Thanks alot.

bhairav Bhairav Vashishth

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Vedic astrologer, Numerologist and Vastu consultant. He has more then 15 years of rich experience with him. He has been providing astrology consultancy as medical astrologer for various Ayurveda institutions. More over he has written few articles for Navbharat Times magazine and Bindiya magazine. He has helped over 700 people from various countries till now.


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