Aries: Movable sign, Fire element, Male sign, East direction, Lord Mars, Nature: talkative, aggressive, energetic, brave, adventurous, cheerful, quarrelsome, impatient and stubborn, 28th to 31st year of life generally shows important changes.

Aries is the first rashi of zodiac signs. Every sign or house in a horoscope is allocated 0 to 30 degrees. Aries represents the east direction. The lords of its three equal parts means three Dreshkans of 10 degrees each are Mars-Mars, Mars-Sun and Mars-Jupiter. Under Aries sign there are three constellations or nakshatras Ashwini (all four charan Chu, Che, Cho, La), Bharini (all four charan Li, Lu, Le, Lo) and Kritika (only first charan A). Chu, Che, Cho, La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo and A these are also initial letters for those who are born under Aries sign. Every charan has 3 degrees and 20 minutes. And that ways every nakshatra is allocated 13 degrees and 20 minutes.

Lords of these nakshatra charans are:

For Ashwini Chu::Ketu-Mars, Che:: Ketu-Ven, Cho::Ketu-Mer, La::Ketu-Moon

For Bharani Li::Ven-Sun, Lu::Ven-Mer, Le::Ven-Ven, Lo::Ven-Mars,

For Kritika A::Sun-Jup

Ashwini Constellation Charan results:

  1. Person born under first charan of Ashwini nakshatra is generally very aggressive and unbridled because the ruling planets of first charan are Ketu and Mars.
  2. Ruling planet of second charan of Ashwini nakshatra are Ketu-Ven and this combination drags a person towards materialistic world. Person keeps a strong desire to earn luxury and all.
  3. The third part of Ashwini constellation Ketu-Mer makes a person more analytical and stable.
  4. Fourth part of Ashwini nakshatra Ketu-Moon increases the impulsiveness and makes a person hasty by nature.

Bharani Nakshatra Charan Results:

  1. First part of Bharani nakshatra related to Ven-Sun and these planets makes a person proud, self praise lover and artistic or a designer by nature.
  2. Second charan of Bharani constellation related to Ven-Mer this combination makes a person more intelligent and urges towards the brain related analytical work.
  3. Third pad of Bharani constellation Ven-Ven gives a charismatic aura, these people are more inclined towards show biz.
  4. Fourth part of Bharani nakshatra Ven-Mars has a special power to attract females towards them.

Kritika Constellation Pad Results:

  1. First letter of Kritika nakshatra A is ruled by Sun-Jup and these planets gives good characteristics. Person generally full of grace and kindness .

Aries Lagn or Moon Sign Aries General Characteristics:

Generally, if a person is born under Aries lagna or Aries Moon sign he has lean and thin body, talkative, aggressive by nature, proud, acidic body type, less interested in females in fact rival towards them and skin color tone little towards red. People born under this sign are born fighters, a bit stubborn and have good will power.

Financial Prospects:

Aries people generally have good potential to earn money. If mars is well placed then they get good position in government departments like police, army and does Iron or steel related work. If mars is not placed good in his horoscope or in malefic effects then person has tendencies to fight with people, even can become a criminal.

Health: As far as Aries people general health is concerned they feels healthy through out life. Still they may suffer from small things like headache, acidity, different types of fever and chickenpox etc.

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