An introduction :

My great grand father Pt. Narain Dass Vashisth was a yogi, a renowned master of Ramal Vidya and well known Ayurvedic Vaidya of his time. He was well versed with Sanskrit and Farsi. He was Honored by Gold medal by British Commissioner. A great disciple of Maa Mahakaali (Mahakaali Siddhi).

My grand father Pt. Vishnu Dutt Vashisth was the follower of Sh. Shivanand Swami Ji Maharaj and was the central Govt. Employee.

My father, Pt. Ram Kishan Vashishth born on 18 January 1949, when he was around one year of age he got affected by an unknown disease and was about to die. At that time my grand father’s brother made a Sankalp in the name of MAHAKAALI and gave him the Sankalpit Gangajal and with in no time something came out of his throat and he got saved. MAHAKALI gave him life back and from that vary day he is her son & she is his Isht. There are so many incidents and happenings in his life which proved that MAHAKALI is always with him.

MY FATHER’S WORDS FOR ME: “My elder son Bhairav Vashishth is MAHAKALI’S blessing for me. At the time of his birth my mother made a mistake, she forgot to fulfill mannat and due to that reason me and son got blood in our eyes. But when my mother made some request and she apologized for her mistake and took an oath to visit to MAHAKAALI temple once we both are perfectly fine and with in few hours we both were perfectly fine. And MAHAKAALI gave us her blessings once again. But even after this when we could not visit MAHAKAALI temple hence in result my son’s eyes got squinted. One night when i was coming to my home back on my bicycle someone like actually shook my whole body and said “still you would not come to me”. More over in the morning when i again forgot this incident then again Maa Mahakaali just reminded me to visit her temple.

Then me and my wife with my son Bhairav went to MAHAKAALI TEMPLE in Kalka Ji, Delhi. We did pray and got some Holi prasad of temple and in the mean time Bhairav who was around 6 or 7 months old, he started playing in the temple. After that we gave some food and prasad to little poor kids and girls. And suddenly when we had a look at Bhairav’s eyes surprisingly got well and perfectly fine in fact better then earlier.

There were so many chances when Mahakaali just saved our lives like Maa was there with us all the times. In some incidents there were no chances to come out safely. Maa MAHAKAALI just wanted to bless me and family just because of that reason 15 to 16 years back a miracle happened when few people from Rajasthan came along with MAHAKAALI’S beautiful statue and they gifted it to me. Maa MAHAKAALI is my Guru, my mother, my wisdom, my soul she is everything for me and my family. She only gave me spiritual knowledge. Just because Maa i am able to help people.”


Shri Ram Krishan Vashishth

My father and guru Shri Ram Krishan Vashisth a celestial personality, a renowned Ayurveda Vaidya, an amazing Numerologist, a wonderful astrologer who has been providing aid to needy people since last more than 30 years now. No need to write that he is well versed with astrology, he does not need your question rather he is capable enough to tell you your question along with the remedy. His disciples are not only in India but across the globe e.g. India, USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Shri Ram Krishna Vashisth is a great devotee of Goddess MahaKaali.

Shri Ram Krishna Vashisth is practicing Ayurveda since more than 25years now. God has blessed him with such divine power that he has recovered so many patients from such situations when reputed doctors and hospitals refused to take them. Even after being such a talented person he is very down to earth. He served India as Central Govt. employee for more than 30 years and opted for volunteer retirement from service in September 2004. A wonderful lively human being born on 18 January 1949, loves to help people.

As far as his proven predictions are concerned those are thousands, he predicts people future daily and I think no need to write whether they celebrities or a common man or MLAs or business man. People from every status have been taking his consultancy for their better future.

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Bhairav Vashishth

I am Bhairav Vashishth learned astrology by the grace of Isht bhagwan Mahakaali, Mahakaal and my father, I am Vedic astrologer, Numerologist and Vastu consultant. I was able to learn very rare facts of astrology, numerology and Vastu under the supervision of my father.

Recently Navbharat times magazine published one of my articles on how would be the relationships for different people in the coming year 2013 according to the Chaldean numerology. The other one was published in Bindiya magazine couple of months back a well know magazine in Delhi. With the help of my father I was able to disclose some of the amazing remedies on how to keep healthy relationships in domestic life. Me and my father provided astrology and numerology consultancy to the Japanese and French people and we got wonderful feedback mails in response.

Before opting the Astrology as profession i worked as Regional Manager at Picasso Digital Media Pvt Ltd. I was taking care of quality check, recruitment and for execution of regular operations for all 18 branches in all over India.

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