Movable sign, Water element, Female sign, North direction, Lord Moon, Nature: emotional, moody, strong sixth sense, gentle, imaginative, possessive, sensitive.

This is the fourth zodiac sign of the zodiac.  It signifies the north direction and is also the first sign of the water triangle.  Its mark is crab.  This is a variable sign.  Its range is from 90 degrees to 120 degrees of the zodiac.  Its lord is ‘Moon’.  The lord of its three deraskans are Moon, Mars and Guru respectively.  Under this, the last phase of Punavasu Nakshatra, the four phases of Pushya Nakshatra and the four phases of Ashalesha Nakshatra.  The masters of these stages are respectively- Punaravasu the fourth stage, Guru – Moon;  Pushya first stage, Saturn – Sun;  Second stage, Saturn – Mercury;  The third stage, Saturn – Venus;  Fourth stage, fourth stage, Saturn – Mars;  Ashalesha first stage, Mercury – Guru;  Second stage, Mercury – Saturn;  The third stage, Mercury – Saturn;  The fourth stage, Mercury – Guru.

Nakshatra Phase / Fruit- 4. The fourth phase of Punarvasu makes the native more imaginative.  1: The first phase of Pushya Nakshatra makes the person more unstable mentally, the amount of ego increases in it.  2. In the second phase, his emotionality diminishes and takes his place of some seriousness and intellectualism.  3. The third phase makes him balanced and 4. In the fourth phase, the symptoms of re-impulse increase in the native.

1. The first phase of Ashlesha Nakshatra can lead the native towards literary discovery.  2. His ambition increases.  3. The Moon in the third phase gives rise to feelings of public welfare in it.  4. This nakshatra provides the native with a tendency to lead and new discoveries. 

Ascendant – Those born at the time of birth, Niryan Moon is transiting in Cancer, their birth sign is considered to be Cancer.  Being in the ascendant Cancer sign at birth also shows its effect.  The person born in Cancer ascendant is of superior intellect, seals, sensual, grateful, astrologer, servant of fragrant substances and enjoyer.  He loves to live with pride.  He is adamant with extraordinary sovereignty and is excellently idealistic, alert and loyal, his mother-godliness is full in Rome.

Nature – Cancer – the natives, we must pay attention to the quality of the work.  Cancer (crab), when someone holds him in his claws, does not leave him easily, even if he has to lose his claws.  Cancer – The natives have a strong sense of sticking to their love characters and ideas.  That feeling gives him the qualities of receptiveness, concentration and patience.  It doesn’t take long to change their mood!  They have immense imagination.  Their memory is very strong;  The past is of great importance to them.  Cancer – The natives have a strong attachment to their family, especially the wife and son.  Without them their life remains incomplete.  They also know friendship for life.  He is the master of his own will and does not tolerate imposing any kind of curse on himself;  Reach high positions and receive heavy fame.  They become perfect artists, writers, musicians or playwrights.  Some Merchants or Best they also become psychoanalysts or develop a keen interest in occult studies, religion or any extraordinary life philosophy.

Economic activities – Cancer – The people are dreamers of big plans.  They are hardworking and enterprising and because of the tendency of betting and loss in stocks, they sit on the frozen business.  They often benefit financially from unexpected sources or strange means and from contact with strangers.  Some other economic sectors in which they can be successful are: Import of drugs and liquids, exploration and discovery, development of land or mines, restaurants, water articles and milk products etc.  By the way, it is also beneficial for them to invest in big companies of public use.

Health / Disease- Cancer: The people are often weak in childhood, but with age, their body also develops.  Since the Cancer sign represents the chest and belly of the male, the Cancerians need to pay special attention to their food.  Due to more imagination – Cancer – the natives keep weaving the web of dreams, which has an adverse effect on their health.  They may have lung disorders, flu, cough, asthma, respiratory diseases, pleurisy, caries, abdominal diseases, berries, neurological debility, feeling of fear, epilepsy, jaundice, cancer and arthritis.

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