Dual sign, Fire element, Male sign, East direction, Lord Jupiter, Nature: Insightful, rational, brave, practical, enterprising, harsh, intelligent and lively.

This is the ninth zodiac sign of the zodiac, signifying the east direction and its sign is ‘horse man’.  The expansion of this zodiac is from 240 degrees to 270 degrees of the zodiac.  Its master is ‘Guru’.  Its element is fire.  This is the male zodiac.  The lord of its three Dreskanas is Guru, Mars and Surya respectively.  Under this, the four phases of  mool nakshatra, the four phases of Purvashada nakshatra and the first phase of Uttarashadha are covered.  The first phase of mool nakshatra, Ketu – Mars, the lord of these phases respectively;  2nd stage, Ketu – Venus;  Third stage, Ketu – Mercury, fourth phase, Ketu – Moon;  The first stage of Purvashada, Venus – Sun;  Second stage, Venus – Mercury;  Phase III, Venus – Venus;  Phase IV, Venus – Mars;  First phase of Uttarashada, Surya – Guru

Nakshatra phase / fruit- 1. The native is charged when he is in the first phase of mool nakshatra.  2. In the second phase, he awakens love for the arts.  3. He is interested in literature or journalism when he is in the third phase.  4. Being in the fourth stage increases the sense of authority in it.

1. On being in the first phase of Purvashadha, the imagination of the native comes.  2. In the second phase, the person becomes a good critic or critic.  3. Being in the third stage increases his chances of entering the field as a speaker or judge.  4. When in the fourth phase, it produces opposing tendencies. 

1. On being in the first phase of Uttarashada, his authority – feeling, freedom – love increases.

Ascendant- The person whose birth is transiting in Sagittarius in the Nirayana Moon is considered to be Sagittarius.  It shows its effect even when the lagna is in Sagittarius at birth.  The native born in Sagittarius ascendant, skilled in doing work, Brahmin and devotee of gods, keeping horses, work of friends Incoming, living near the king (ruler of the country), knowledgeable in many arts, truthful, intelligent, beautiful, satoguni, good-natured,rich, poet, writer, businessman, travel-lover, mighty, meager –  A saintly person, subjugated by love, has a pingle character, thighs like horses, big teeth, is talented. A person born in Sagittarius ascendant experiences more happines One who leads a normal life in the middle age and in the last phase is full of wealth and opulence.  He has the special benefit of these at the age of 22 or 24 years.

Nature / Nature- Just as the archer pierces a direct target – similarly, the Dhanu jatak strives to move directly, non-stop, towards his goal.  Another prominent feature of his nature is the strong sense of freedom.  They do not bear any curb on their freedom or their thoughts or activities!  They have sharp intelligence.  His personality is often colorful and enthusiastic.  Sagittarius is the double sign.  This has an effect on the nature of Sagittarius – the natives.  He has an optimistic view of life, is open-hearted and forthright;  Sometimes they get blunt in their behavior.  His energetic and passionate nature wants people to treat him properly like him.

Economic Activities – The psychic knowledge of Sagittarius is so intense that before a deal is completed, they see its conclusions.  Due to this quality, they can become skilled moneylenders, managers, organizers, political activists.  They can also have good momentum in various fields of writing and publishing.  They can also earn money by becoming accountants, clerks, registrars, correspondents, interpreters and teachers and can sustain life, but they are unable to add more money for old age.

Health / Disease Sagittarius – The people are of good health and their body is as playful as the mind.  Sagittarius represents the diseases of the buttocks, thighs, sciatica, etc. of the male population, so Sagittarius – the people often suffer from these diseases and become obese in old age.  When Mars is in Sagittarius at birth, it can also suffer from diseases like nervous diseases, paralysis of the feet, nasal diseases, bronchitis, blood and liver.

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