Dual sign, Water sign, Female sign, North direction, Lord Jupiter, Nature: Imaginative, emotional, unrealistic, indecisive, kind and friendly.

This is the twelfth and final zodiac sign of the zodiac.  The sign of this zodiac is ‘two fish’.  It signifies the north direction.  The expansion of this zodiac is from 330 degrees to 360 degrees of the zodiac.  Its owner is ‘Guru’ according to Indian astrology and ‘Neptune’ according to Western astrology.  It is a female zodiac, has dualism, its element is water.  The lord of its three Dreskanas is Guru, Moon and Mars respectively.  Under this, the last phase of Purva Bhadrapada, the four stages of Uttarabhadrapada and the four phases of Revathi are covered.  The masters of these stages are Purva Bhadrapada IV stage, Guru – Moon respectively;  Uttarabhadrapada first stage, Saturn – Sun;  Second Stage, Saturn – Mercury;  The third stage, Saturn – Venus;  Fourth stage, Saturn – Mars;  Revathi First Stage, Mercury – Guru;  Second Stage, Mercury – Saturn;  The third stage, Mercury – Saturn;  The fourth stage, Mercury – is Guru.

.  Nakshatra Phase / Fruit-4.  The native becomes more imaginative when the Moon or the numeral is in the last phase of Purva Bhadrapada.

1. The native born in the first phase of Uttarabhadrapada can be pramadi.  2. When in the second stage, the desire for expression in it can turn him towards literature.  3. In the third stage, he can be oriented towards the fine arts.  4. When in the fourth stage, it can be engaged in search.

.  1. On being in the first phase of Revathi, the native can make up his mind in a game.  2. He can be assigned the post of responsibility when he is in the second phase 3. His love can take the form of livelihood when he is in the third phase.  4. When in the fourth phase, his mind may wander for long journeys.

Ascendant- People whose birth is transiting in the Pisces zodiac sign is considered to be Pisces.  It shows its effect even when the lagna is in Pisces at birth. A person born in Pisces ascendant is afraid of water or skilled in water sports, humble, surly, feminine, vigorous, superior pandit, clever, meager, playful, sly, holding the best jewels, performing a variety of compositions.  One is gall, one with bile nature, famous, Satoguni, lazy, patient, more saintly, big-eyed and accidental.

His body is of normal height and his brain is large.  That person leads a normal life in his early stages.  In middle age, there is a bit of grief and in the last phase, you fully enjoy happiness.  His fortune increases at the age of 21 or 22.

Nature / Nature- Pisces zodiac is considered very complex, because the double nature of this zodiac pulls the person in opposite directions, due to which he does not understand what he should do or what he wants to do.  Pisces – The people are very sensitive and emotional.  Emotion plays an important role in every situation of his life.  Sympathy is also filled with them.  They do not do any act which is going to harm others.  They are basically idealists and want to run away from the harsh reality of the world and get lost in their dream world.  This is the reason why many great poets, writers and musicians were Pisces.  He has a special interest in occult studies.  They are extremely fatalistic.

Economic activities- In economic matters Pisces – the people may have to face frequent fluctuations.  But once you get control of your volatile nature, there is no such post which they cannot achieve.  They can achieve good success in freight, business from abroad, import-export or sea trade.  They can also be good writers, litterateurs, painters or musicians and can make them their means of livelihood.

Health / Disease- Pisces – the natives have a personal attraction and when they are anxious, then there is a special kind of glow on their face which enhances their face.  In relation to health, the maximum danger to the natives is mental.  Extreme anxiety can adversely affect their digestive organs.  Pisces sign represents the feet in the zodiac, hence Pisces – there may be trouble in the feet of the natives.  There may also be a complaint of sciatica or arthritis.  They should take special care of their health.

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