Dual sign, Earth element, Female sign, South direction, Lord Mercury, Nature: practical, enterprising, business oriented, communicative and decisive.

 This is the sixth zodiac sign of the zodiac.  Signifies the south direction and the sign of this zodiac sign is the girl with a flower in her hand.  Its range is from 150 degrees to 180 degrees of the zodiac.  Its master is ‘Mercury’.  The lord of its three deraskans are Mercury, Saturn and Venus respectively.  Under this, the second, third and fourth stages of Uttaraphalguni, the four phases of the hasta and the first two phases of the Chitra are included.  The masters of these stages are Uttaraphalguni second stage, Surya – Saturn respectively;  The third stage, Sun – Saturn;  The fourth stage, Surya – Guru;  Hasta first stage, Moon – Mars;  Second Stage, Moon – Venus;  Third phase Moon – Mercury;  Fourth phase, moon – moon;  Pictures are the first phase, Mars – Surya: The second stage, Mars – Mercury.

Nakshatra Charan / Fruit- 2. The native is more ambitious towards his or her instinct when the Moon or the numeracy is in the second phase of Uttaraphalguni.  3. The third stage makes him unstable and his powers seem to be divided between home and outside.

4. The fourth stage can inspire his emotional side and turn him towards literature or tend to research.

 1. The first phase of Hasta Nakshatra makes him stubborn and charged.  2. Phase II increases his interest in the arts.  3. The third stage intensifies his imagination.  4. The fourth stage brings sentimentality to it.

1. The first phase of Chitra enhances the sense of authority in it.  2. The second phase increases his Virgo zodiac tendencies.

Ascendant- People who have Niryaan Moon transiting in Virgo at the time of birth, their birth sign is considered to be Virgo.  Ascendant with birth shows its influence even when it is in Virgo.  The native born in Virgo ascendant with pita and cough nature, beautiful, thoughtful, childlike, defeated by woman, timid, elusive, very sad body with lust, skillful in kamkrida, many types  Always happy, with qualities and skills Living, acquiring beautiful woman, adorned, gross and having a normal body.  Big-eyed, loving, taciturn, fraternal, interested in math and religion, serious, high-spirited and childlike, travel lover, clever, fragile – moody, disguises his point of mind, happy childhood, middle age  Native’s going to suffer some grief in the normal and last state.  He is promoted between the ages of 24 and 36.  During this period, he increases his wealth and opulence.

Nature / Nature- Virgo – The natives are shy and shy like girls.  Such people also have great hesitation in sexual activity.  They are quiet, reclusive, systematic – working and practical.  They are more effective than the natives of other zodiac signs and follow each instruction carefully and in detail we do.  They have amazing ability to identify good and bad.  They have amazing memory and sharp intellect.  The tasks that other people fail to do, they complete with success.

Economic activities- The natives of Virgo can become excellent speakers.  Due to their hard working nature, will and determination, they also succeed in scientific discovery and business.  He is often very skilled as a literature-critic.  From an economic point of view, they are very careful and economical.  Investing capital in houses, land etc. is beneficial for them.

Health / Disease- Virgo: The natives take special care of their body, that is why their health is often very good for life.  They suffer a long life and appear like youth even in old age and the victims of diseases are also less often.  Irregularities in food can affect their digestive system.  Stomach lesions may also occur.  In winter, lung diseases can also hurt them.

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