Fixed sign, Fire element, Male sign, East direction, Lord Sun, Nature: Straightforward, charitable, loyal, enthusiastic, arrogant, proudy, reflective.

 This is the fifth zodiac sign of the zodiac and signifies the east direction.  Its sign is ‘Lion’.  Its range is from 120 degrees to 150 degrees of the zodiac.  Its lord is ‘Surya’.  Its element is fire.  The lord of its three deraskans are Surya, Guru and Mars respectively.  It consists of four phases of Magha Nakshatra, four phases of Purva Phalguni and the first phase of Uttara Phalguni.  The first phase of Magha, the lord of these stages, Ketu – Mars;  2nd stage, Ketu – Venus;  The third stage, Ketu – Mercury;  Fourth phase, Ketu – Moon;  The first stage of Purva Phalguni, Venus – Sun;  Phase II, Venus – Mercury, Phase III, Venus – Venus, Phase IV, Venus – Mars;  Uttaraphalguni is the first stage, Surya – Guru.

Nakshatra Charan / Fruit- 1. The amount of the order of the Jataka is increased when the Moon or the Nakshatra is in the first phase of Magha.  2. Phase II expands her sense of beauty.  3. In the third phase, there is more flight of imagination due to moon or nomenclature.  4. Being in this stage develops imagination.

1. The first phase of Purvaphalguni further enhances his natural tendencies.  2. Second stage gives aesthetic sense in it.  3. The third phase makes him Roop Pipasu and Kami.  4. The fourth phase, along with increasing his resolve, creates a tendency in him not to say his words to everyone.

1. The first phase of Uttaraphalguni again fills him with his natural instincts – a sense of independence in him.

Ascendant- People whose birth is transmitting in Moon sign Leo, their birth sign is considered as Leo.  At the time of birth, the lagna zodiac sign is also in the Leo zodiac sign.  The body of a person born in Leo ascendant is Panduvarna.  He suffers from pitta and wind disorders, meat eaters, likes succulents, krishodar, meager, little sons, extremely powerful, arrogant, indulgent, incisive – wisdom, brash, heroic, wandering, rajoguni, rage, big hands –  With feet and chest, fiery temperament, knowledgeable in Vedantavidya, loves horse riding, skillful in running weapons, sharp-tempered, generous and serving sage-saints.

 The person who is born in Leo ascendant is happy in the initial period of his life, sad in middle age and full happiness in the last phase.  His fate occurs at the age of 21 or 28 years.

Nature / Nature- Leo is considered a royal sign.  Just as its symbol is known as Vanaraja (Lion), similarly its lord is the king of the planet Surya – Mandal.  For this reason royalty qualities are found in the natives of this zodiac.  Such people have attractive personality.  On seeing them, the attention of others is drawn towards them with respect.  With self-confidence they can achieve success in any field.

They like to do every work on a large scale.  Their views are also high.  Congenital are optimistic, believe in enjoyment and enjoyment and also put their meager means in front of others in such a way that they appear big in their eyesight.

Economic activities- Leo natives have the ability to work hard.  He is considered very lucky in financial matters.  Their way of working is confusing to others.  He can get good success in any work of honesty.  Gold, brass and diamonds – In the business of gems or from government and municipal related work, lions natives can get good income.

Health / Disease – Leo – The native has decentness in speech and gait and is a master of a structured body and due to his structured body he can be fond of dance.  They are either exceptionally healthy or are lying on the bed.  Unfavorable environment and fragmented pride and unwanted love affair affect their health.  They have the ability to recover quickly.  The lion sign represents the upper part of the heart and spine of the male, hence the lions need to be careful about these organs.  Due to the illusions of Saturn, Mars or Neptune on the Leo sign or the Sun, some kind of weakness can occur in the heart.  Mars position in Leo zodiac accelerates heartbeat.  Leonatives – Some of the diseases that the Jatak suffers from are: Heart disease, rapid heartbeat, heat stroke, rheumatic fever etc.

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