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Without a date a day can’t begin. When a kid takes birth it starts dealing with numbers. Even before a name a kid has date of birth which gives the birth number and fate number as well. Both of these numbers are very important in numerology. When a kid start going to school he has roll number, when he joins a company he has an employee number, for marriage a person has only and only a date, similarly job joining date, resignation date, when someone buy house or a vehicle for both the things number needs to be taken. So in our whole life we have to deal with numbers and once you will try to follow numerology then you will realize there are one or two numbers which are repeating throughout your life since childhood.

Numerology is the easiest method to know about whether today is my favorable day or not. In astrology also you can definitely figure out how is my today but it takes lot of effort and calculations which are not easily understandable by a common person.

Birth number, fate number, name number and compound numbers can tell the whole story about a person’s life. These favorable numbers keeps coming in our life again and again. If your unfavorable numbers are coming in your day to day dealings then definitely you need to be careful because that means your time is not favorable these days.

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