Movable sign, Air element, Male sign, West direction, Lord Venus, Nature: Idealistic, animal and bird lover, reasonable, social, artistic, kindhearted and lazy.

This is the seventh zodiac sign of the zodiac.  It signifies the west direction.  Its mark is two scales of scales.  The expansion of this zodiac is from 180 degrees to 210 degrees of the zodiac.  Its lord is ‘Venus’.  Its element is air.  The lord of its three deraskans are Venus, Saturn and Mercury respectively.  Under this, the third and fourth stages of Chitra Nakshatra, the four phases of Swati and the three phases of Visakha are covered.  The masters of these stages are the Citra III stage, Mars – Venus respectively;  Fourth stage, Mars – Mars;  Swati first stage, Rahu – Guru;  Second stage, Rahu – Saturn;  The third stage, Rahu – Saturn;  The fourth stage, Rahu – Guru;  Visakha first stage, Guru – Mars;  Second Stage, Guru – Venus;  The third stage is Guru – Mercury.

Nakshatracharan / Fruit – 3. The moon comes in the form of the native country when the moon sign is in the third phase of the figure.  4. The fourth phase makes him more passionate and subjective and he also tries his best to hide his mind.

1. The first phase of Swati increases the freedom of the native.  2. Phase II makes him serious.  3. The third stage increases the feeling of charity.  4. The fourth phase also gives him imaginability along with fairness. 

1. The first phase of Visakha makes the native ambitious.  2. The second stage can make him a poet or a writer.  3. The third stage also increases the same interest in literature by increasing his mindset.

Ascendant- People who have Niryaan Moon transiting in Libra at the time of birth, their birth sign is considered Libra.  Even when the lagna is in Libra zodiac at birth, it shows its effect.  The native born in Libra ascendant is virtuous, professional – accomplished, wealthy, famous, Kulbhushan, Kapha Prakriti, Satyavadi, but – loving woman, respected by the state, ready to worship, devout, philanthropist, Satoguni, pilgrim, beloved  Astrologer, itinerant, is associated with nirom and semen disorder.

The native is born with Gaur varna, loose motions and a thick nose.  He has to suffer in early age.  He remains happy in middle age and the last phase is normally spent.  At the age of 31-32, he is fortunate.

Nature / Nature- Libra is the amount of beauty and balance.  The planet ‘Venus’, the king of form and beauty, is the lord of this zodiac, so the cultivation of beauty is the basic quality of Libra – the native.  They believe in enjoying life with full joy, avoiding disputes and quarrels;  Sublime idealism and high moral principles form the basis of his character.  Naturally they like to live in the present.  They are less concerned about the past and more worried about the future.  Depending on the occasion, they can be quite policy-efficient, as they have the ability to see both sides of the problem.  Using this quality with his siren power, he achieves his goal before other people can understand the situation.  They have a strong sense of justice and they cannot see injustice happening anywhere!

Economic activities- Libra – The people are very successful in physical matters.  So you can earn property in the form of house or land and wealth by becoming a smart businessman and can earn fame.  In Indian astrology, Libra is also called the trading zodiac.  Libra – The native can also be a good speaker and jurist and can spend his life in studies or research work.  They can also get success in the field of education.

Health of the Natives / Diseases- The health of the natives of the Libra zodiac is often good, the condition is that their balance should be maintained, because they can suffer from many nervous diseases and the formation of the body can also deteriorate due to the deterioration of the balance.  In the body of a male, the Libra sign represents the kidneys, lumbar and the lower part of the spine, there is a possibility of diseases like appendicitis and back pain.  People whose Saturn is situated in Libra in horoscope, they may have pain – kidney or kidney stones.

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