Movable sign, Earth element, Female sign, South direction, Lord Saturn, Nature: Intelligent, practical, optimistic, self-centered, persistent, and suspicious.

This is the tenth zodiac sign of Mercury zodiac, signifying the south direction and its sign is ‘Magar’.  It is a variable and female zodiac with the earth element.  Its expansion is from 270 degrees to 300 degrees of the zodiac.  The lord of its three deraskans is Saturn, Venus and Mercury.  Under this, there are three phases of Uttarashada Nakshatra, four phases of Shravan Nakshatra and the first two phases of Dhanishtha Nakshatra.  The masters of these stages are Uttaradshada second stage, Surya – Shani respectively;  The third stage, Sun – Saturn;  The fourth stage, Surya – Guru;  Sravana first stage, Moon – Mars;  Second Stage, Moon – Venus;  Third stage, Moon – Mercury;  Fourth phase, moon – moon;  Dhanishtha is the first stage, Mars – Sun, second phase, Mars – Mercury.

Nakshatra phase / fruit- 2. In the second nakshatra of Uttarashada nakshatra, the person’s sense of self-interest increases.  3. The contradiction in his character is seen when he is in the third stage.  4. His mood changes when he is in the fourth phase. 

1. The first phase of Shravan Nakshatra makes the person more autistic.  2. In the second phase, there is ambition in it.  3. In the third phase his ambitions begin to fly.  4. In the fourth phase, there may be more signs of depression – emotion.

1. The first stage of dhishthana makes the native guilty.  2. The second stage criticizes and criticizes him.

Ascendant- People whose birth is transiting into Capricorn during the Nirayana Moon is considered to be Capricorn.  It shows its influence even if the lagna is in Capricorn at birth.  Jataka born in Capricorn Ascendant, Santoshi, Bheeru, fiery nature, persistent effort, swindler, big-eyed, chatth, temperamental, more saintly shrewd, greedy, suffering from cough and vayu, long-bodied, smooth-skinned, hypocritical, lazy, expensive, conduct against religion, is enamored of women, poet, and shy.

He enjoys a lot of happiness in his early stages.  In middle age, one is grieved and after the age of 32, he remains happy till the end and attains Purnayu.

Nature / Nature- Capricorn is located on the meridians in the horoscope of the Kaalpurush.  Consequently, it symbolizes the highest aspirations of human beings.  This is why personal status, social status and rank are of great importance for Makara natives.  They are often cautious and conservative and place more emphasis on austerity, self-governance, accountability, respect and seriousness than necessary.  The reason for his success is due to the two main organs of his nature and those organs are self-discipline and willpower!  In religious beliefs, the Makara-Jatakas are either very fanatical or completely untouchable.  They are intelligent and accept only rational arguments.

Economic activities- Capricorns are successful in the economic field due to their entrepreneurial nature, perseverance, ambition to grow, etc.  He gets the most success as a manufacturer, wholesale cloth merchant, building builder, miner and farmer etc.  The people of the intellectual class become excellent educationists, biologists, politicians and historians.  They believe in working as planned and always move forward on the strength of their hard work.

Health / Disease – The body of the natives is lean and thin.  They develop gradually in childhood.  After the age of 16, his length rapidly It grows with age and with the formation and filler in the body.  Capricorn represents the knees, bones, and skin of the  man.  Due to the sight of Venus on Saturn, the skin of their body is soft and beautiful, but due to illusions of other planets on Capricorn or Saturn, the native has to suffer from cutaneous diseases.  The tendency to despair leads to cholecystitis, disturbances in the gall bladder, stomach wounds, malfunctioning of digestive organs and intestinal obstruction.  By staying in moist and cold places, there is a possibility of diseases like asthma, breathing etc.

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