Fixed Sign, Earth element, female sign, South direction, Lord Venus, Nature: determined, emotional, romantic, logical, decisive, hardworking, patient, artistic, stubborn and lazy.


This is the second sign of the zodiac.  The sign of this zodiac is ‘bull’.  The bull is very hardworking and multi-talented by nature.  Generally he remains calm, but anger It takes a fierce form upon rival. The expansion of Taurus is from 30 degrees to 60 degrees of the zodiac (total 30 degrees).  Its lord planet is ‘Venus’.  The lord of its three derescans are Venus – Venus, Venus – Mercury and Venus – Saturn respectively.  It consists of three phases of Kritika Nakshatra, four phases of Rohini and the first two phases of Mrigashira.  The lord of these stages respectively Kritika second stage, Surya – Shani;  Third stage, Moon – Saturn;  The fourth stage, Surya – Guru;  Rohini is the first stage, the Moon – Mars;  Second Stage, Moon – Venus;  Third stage, Moon – Mercury;  Fourth phase, moon – moon;  The first phase of Mrigashira is Mars – Sun and the second stage, Mars – Mercury.

Nakshatra phase / fruit- Under the Taurus sign there are three stages of Kritika, all four phases of Rohini and the first two stages of Mrigashira.  In the second and third stages of Kritika, the combined effect of Sun and Saturn will definitely make the native more serious, while in the fourth phase the combined effect of Sun and Guru will convey optimism in the native.  It is to be noted here that the first phase of Rohini is under the influence of Moon and Mars.  He can bring mental instability in the native.  The second phase will make the native more aesthetic and artistic with the influence of Moon – Venus.  Third phase Moon – Due to the influence of Mercury, the person’s mental tendencies will be intensified, while the effect of double moon on the fourth phase, his mind will have a tendency to fluctuate.  The first stage of Mrigashira will make the native more stubborn and stubborn by the influence of Mars – Sun.  The second phase Mars – due to the influence of Mercury will generate strange types of thoughts in the mind of the native.

Ascendant- People who have Niryan Moon transiting in Taurus at the time of birth are considered to be Taurus.  It also shows its effect due to having Taurus in the lagna at birth.   The person born in it is of a healthy health, like a woman, sweet-spoken, Rajoguni, with long teeth and malformed hair, sitting in the company of superior people, impetuous, generous-natured, devout, virtuous, intelligent, patient, brave, Very famous, of a very calm nature (but showing his mighty might in fighting or fighting when the time comes) from his family, without being hurt, discordant, traumatized in scripture, rich in wealth, suffering from mental illness or worries  And one who is grieving, is a friend – dissociative and attains Purnayu.  According to the opinion of some scholars, a person born in Taurus ascendant, after the age of 45, suffers many kinds of sorrows too.

Taurus is a stable amount of Earth.  Its position is assumed to be 20 degrees of the equator.  This is the first sign (5 triangles) of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.  Since its lord Venus is related to water, hence Vrisha-Jataka appears from above as serious as earth and calm like water.  But when angry, like a healthy bull, the nostrils start to swell.  Vrisha is the second sense of the Kaalpurush who represents the throat.  This is the reason why the Taurus – Jataka knows to use his throat and energy.

Nature / Nature- Taurus people like to live a peaceful life and do not like to change again and again in life or in any work, because it is difficult for them to compromise the circumstances.  They are very social;  He respects the elder more than himself, and he enjoys enjoying friends and family and loved ones.  They like a life of happiness and luxury.

Economic activities – Taurus – There is a strong desire among the natives to earn money and accumulate wealth.  He can be an accountant, actor, producer, director, artist, decorator, cosmetics, jewelery etc. luxury business.  Apart from this, they can also be excellent government employees, high officials and doctors in the army or navy.  They are not even more idealistic, because ideals are merely a means for them to earn money or to make profit in business.

Health / Disease- Venus is the lord of Taurus, this Venus gives biographical strength to Taurus.  Taurus people are not going to give up on physical disabilities;  Laziness and self-reliance are the two biggest enemies of his health.  By the way, they can mainly have oral and throat diseases like tonsils, diphtheria, pyorrhea.  In old age, diseases like ascites and paralysis can also cause them trouble.

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