Fixed sign, Air element, Male sign, West direction, Lord Saturn, Nature: unique, social, independent, charitable, practical, disobedient, smart and hasty.

 This is the eleventh zodiac sign of the zodiac, its sign is ‘kalash’ (kalash on the shoulder) signifying the West direction and its expansion is from 300 degrees to 330 degrees of the zodiac.  Its owner is’ Saturn ‘according to Indian astrology and Uranus’ according to Western astrology.  It is stable and male sign.  Its element is air.  Its three lords are Saturn, Mercury and Venus.  Under this, the last two stages of Dhanishthana, the four stages of Shatabhisha and the first three stages of Purva Bhadrapada come.  The lord of these stages is Dhanishtha III stage, Mars – Venus respectively;  Fourth stage, Mars – Mars;  Shatabhisha First Phase, Rah – Guru;  Second stage, Rahu – Saturn;  The third stage, Rahu – Saturn;  IV and Varan, Rahu – Guru, Purva Bhadrapada First Phase, Guru – Mars;  The second stage, Guru – Venus is the third stage, Guru – Mercury.

Nakshatra phase / fruit- 3. The person’s confidence increases when the Moon or the Nakshatra is in the third phase of Dhanishta Nakshatra.  4. Being in the fourth phase, it becomes difficult to understand the mysterious nature of the native.

1. The native is more extroverted when born in the first phase of Shatabhisha Nakshatra and 2. When he is in the second phase, he is introverted and makes public welfare plans.  3. When in the third stage, he leads a movement.  4. When in the fourth stage, it becomes introverted for long periods of time.

1. Being in the first phase of Purva Bhadrapada, the spirit of leadership develops in the native.  2. In the second phase, he spends his money in philanthropic works.  3. On being in the third phase, the native starts his writing and new era of ideas.

Ascendant- People whose birth is transiting in Aquarius in the Nirayana Moon is considered to be Aquarius.  It shows its effect even when the lagna is in Aquarius at birth.  A person born in Aquarius ascendant is stable,Talkative, water-consuming, handsome Indian, united with superior human beings, all-loving, fickle-hearted, overworked, friendly, dear, proud, bright-bodied, slow, airy, with women.  One who lives happily, but has attachment on women, is egoistic, jealous, spiteful and fugitive.  The native born in Aquarius ascendant remains unhappy in his early stages.  One attains happiness in the middle age and in the last state, he enjoys the happiness of wealth, sons, land, house etc.  The fate of such a person is in the age of 24-25 years.

Nature / Nature- Aquarius is the most human of all zodiac signs.  The native of this zodiac is full of human qualities and is completely honest and committed to his purpose.  His knowledge is wide and the mind is filled with patience and compassion.  Friendship is his nature, which is often long-term.  He faces problems, stresses and adverse situations with restraint and seriousness.  He has a keen sense of doing well for others and believes in resolving differences by his sharp reasoning intelligence and arguments.

Economic activities – Kumbh natives – The people get more satisfaction in working for a party, institution or purpose than working within the limits of personal relations.  They can adapt themselves to the quick conditions.  They are successful in financial matters, but money is not viable for them, and they are used more for the good of others than for them.  They cannot do business!  They can get financial success in trusts, insurance companies, banks, railway companies, power institutes, aviation and innovation projects.

Health / Disease – Kumbha – The height of the natives is long and the body is strong.  Aquarius represents the calf’s calves and ankles and blood circulation, so Rakt – Dosha can cause them a lot of trouble.  They should be careful against diseases of teeth, heart, throat, tonsils and arthritis and should not remain in malaria environment as they are most vulnerable to infection.

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