Dual sign, Air element, Male sign, west direction, lord mercury, Nature: insightful, smart, cheerful, quick witted, gossipy, good communication skills, good writers and orators.

This is the third sign of the zodiac. The symbol of this zodiac is the ‘young couple’ (female-male pair). It is a double sign. Its range is from 60 degrees to 90 points of the zodiac. Its lord planet is ‘Mercury’. The lord of its three derescans are Mercury – Mercury, Mercury – Venus and Mercury – Saturn respectively. Under this, the last two stages of Mrigashira, four stages of Ardra and three stages of Punavasu are covered. The masters of these stages are as follows – Mrigashira 3rd stage, Mars – Venus; Fourth stage, Mars – Mars; Ardra first stage, Rahu – Guru; Second stage, Rahu – Saturn; Third stage, Rahu – Saturn, fourth phase, Rahu – Guru; First stage of Punarvasu, Guru – Mars; Second Stage, Guru – Venus; Phase III; Guru – Mercury.

The nakshatra phase / fruit- In the third phase of the lunar or nomadic mrigashira, there is an increase in the amount of rebellion by the charge and tradition in the native. Mars along with Mars in the fourth phase exaggerate that impulse. The trend of freedom increases in the native. The first phase of Ardra makes the native somewhat extroverted, while the second phase gives severity and the third phase gives a tendency to new discoveries or movements. In the fourth phase of Ardra, the Guru reduces intellectualism and increases emotionality. The first phase of Punavasu orientates the freedom and the third phase towards the artistic trends. The third phase of Punavasu seems to lead him to intellectualism. Gemini sign signifies the west direction. People who are born at the time of birth, the Niryan Moon is transiting in Gemini, their birth anniversary is considered as Gemini. It shows its effect even if there is Gemini in the lagna at birth.

Ascendant – Gemini: The person born in the ascendant is full of agility in the body. His body is often not athletic. His eyes are brown or blue. The color of the body can be either blond or dark. He is tall and has a round face. She is enamored of women, lover of dance – music – instrument etc., comic – proficient, performer, sweet-spoken, humble, craftsman, subjective, clever, poet, philanthropist, happy, pilgrim, mathematician, noble, multi-born and friendly , Sushil, Dani, one who uses various types of indulgences, is living near the high ruler of the country and is afflicted by the ruler itself.

A person with Gemini ascendant has a medium age. He is happy in his early stages, sad in the middle of his life and happy again in the last phase. Native’s fate is between 32 and 35 years of age.

Nature / Nature- Gemini among the zodiac signs of all zodiac signs is considered the most unintelligent. As stated in the beginning, the sign of this zodiac is a pair of men and women; Now imagine that when only one brain of a man is capable of performing miracles, then where there will be two brains, how many miracles will a man and a woman be able to perform miracles. Gemini is the first zodiac sign of the zodiac and its lord Mercury is the favored messenger of Devakula. He has such footprints with the help of which he can reach anywhere in a moment. This sign represents the brain in the body. Its nature like barometer mercury keeps on fluctuating continuously. But even those virtues are not diminished. His interest in diverse disciplines is unique – policy, skill, power to read another’s mind, vision and versatility. No one can find another who works more quickly, more decently, more successfully than them. He loves speed. They prefer only the fastest means of travel. Monotony is like death for them. Sensibility and fickleness is his life. The basic purpose of his life is to make his and others’ lives more succulent, more beautiful. Intellectual satisfaction is his driving force. If any new problem arises, he will keep on battling with it till it reaches its root. They need companions and friends for their expressions.

Economic activities – Mithun caste residents are encroached on betting, shares and company promoters in order to earn more money. And only losses incur more than profits. This is the reason that economic fluctuations keep coming in his life. They can achieve more success in works that require intelligence. They can become skilled diplomats or politicians due to being affectionate and eloquent. Due to their inquisitive and factual tendency, they can succeed in all kinds of research or can become high journalists, writers, linguists, planners etc. Being a travel lover, he can efficiently play the role of a business agent. Good speakers, preachers, lecturers or high officials.
Health / Disease- Gemini – The health of the natives is never good. Their health fluctuates. By the way, their bodily diseases are related to the mind and when the mind is happy, they dodge the disease. They start experiencing neurological fatigue due to extreme exertion. According to their nature they do not accept the advice of anyone regarding health. By the way, they need more sleep than medicines, clean air and proper food. They may have lung diseases like lung disease, pleurisy, pneumonia and respiratory diseases like colds, bronchitis, eosinophilia.

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