Fixed sign, Water element, Female sign, North direction, Lord Mars, Nature: Intelligent, emotional, intuitive, arrogant, sensible, devoted, energetic, mysterious and possessive.

This is the eighth zodiac of the zodiac.  North signifies direction and the sign of this zodiac is ‘archer’.  Ancient Egyptians also consider the eagle as its symbol.  The expansion of this zodiac is from 210 degrees to 240 degrees of the zodiac (30 degrees total).  Its owner is ‘Mangal’.  Some modern astrologers of the West consider ‘Pluto’ to be its master.  It is stable and feminine.  Its element is water.  The lord of the three derescans of Scorpio (three even parts of 10–10 degrees) are Mars – Mars, Mars – Guru and Mars – Moon respectively.  In this zodiac region, the fourth or last phase of Visakha Nakshatra, the four phases of Anuradha and the four phases of Jyestha fall.  Each step is of 3 ° 20 ‘, which is equivalent to one term of Navansh.  The lord of these portions respectively Visakha IV stage Guru – Moon;  Anuradha first stage, Saturn – Sun;  Second Stage, Saturn – Mercury;  The third stage, Saturn – Venus;  Fourth stage, Saturn – Mars;  Jyestha first stage, Mercury – Guru;  Second Stage, Mercury – Saturn;  The third stage, Mercury – Saturn;  The fourth stage is Mercury – Guru.

Nakshatra phase / fruit- The fourth phase of Visakha in the Nakshatras – positions will reduce the turbulence of Mars due to being of the Guru – Moon.  All phases of Anuradha will intensify the zodiacal signs.  Where the first phase and fourth phase of Jyestha will exert their auspicious effects, there is a possibility of its inauspicious effects in the second and third stages. 

Ascendant- People whose birth Moon is transiting in Scorpio, their birth sign is considered as Scorpio.  It shows its effect even when there is Scorpio zodiac in the lagna at birth.  Jataka knight born in Scorpio ascendant, highly thoughtful, innocent, rich in knowledge, angry, worshiped by kings,One is virtuous, scholar, hostile, hypocritical, misanthropist, tamoguni, who knows the mind of others, but is cynical, bitter and self-serving.

 The native born in this ascendant is rebellious with brothers, merciful, astrologer and beggar.  He remains unhappy in the first phase of his life and gets happiness in the middle of life.  His fate occurs at the age of 20 or 24 years.

Nature / Nature- Scorpio – The natives have more tendency towards creative works.  Scorpio is an equal or female zodiac.  Female zodiac signs are considered saumya.  People with this sign do not like to get entangled with others, unless they are forced to do so.  They have the power to attract others to themselves.  But one of his great weaknesses is that he tries to mold himself according to the person he comes in contact with and gives his confidence.  By the way, they have the ability to sting like a poisonous scorpion.  If anyone hurts them, they never forget it.  They exert their full power to counter injustice.  Their psychic knowledge is very amazing.

Economic activities – Scorpio – In small or insignificant tasks, the natives are not interested.  They have heavy passion and duty towards their business.  Due to these qualities, he becomes a good doctor, surgeon, preacher and speaker.  Due to his original ideas, he is also successful in business, politics, literature etc.  They have a tendency to engage in risky and risky ventures, such as the discovery of secret treasures or mines, exploration of unknown places, etc.  He has a keen interest in dangerous and deadly sports, which he can also make a means of earning money.

Health / Disease – Scorpio represents the Guhyangas of the Kaalpurush;  Therefore These parts of the body are the most likely to be affected due to the illusions of the planets on it.  Even if you are in good health, Scorpio – the native can also suffer from various brain diseases, insomnia, epilepsy, respiratory diseases etc.  One special thing about his health is that he is often fragile in childhood and suffers from above average pediatric diseases.  After 21 years, they have extraordinary power to fight diseases.

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